Estate Planning

Estate planning involves a lot more than just signing a will on a form pulled-off the internet or a shelf at a book or office supply store.  Estate planning, in a very general sense, is deciding during your life what will happen to your property when you die.

Everyone plans their estate in one way or another.  Using a will, the most common tool in estate planning, is “estate planning,” but deciding not to have a will is also “estate planning.”  So, everyone, as they go through life, is planning their estate, whether they know it or not.  But proper estate planning can minimize current and future estate taxes and preserve estates while satisfying one’s personal needs and desires.

Because everyone’s estate is different, different decisions will have to be made.  In order to make the best decisions in planning an estate, one must know the different alternatives available in estate planning.

Our attorneys are well versed and practiced in estate planning.  They, along with our experienced staff, can help you develop an estate plan that will best serve your needs.

In order to help us develop the best estate plan for you, we have prepared a Wills and Estate Planning Questionnaire from which we should be able to get all of the preliminary information needed to complete a draft of your will and preparing other estate planning documents.  However, there may be some unique facts and circumstances in your case requiring further inquiry in order to properly plan your estate.  If this is the case, you may need to explain further in the space provided in the questionnaire.  ONLY ONE FORM NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED PER COUPLE.  Please click on the link above to fill out the questionnaire, which is in a PDF format and can be printed with your home computer.