Criminal Law

Everyone dreads seeing the flashing red lights in their rear view mirror, but it happens to many of us, even when we haven’t done anything wrong.  Not everyone who needs an attorney in this area are “criminals.”  Sometimes, otherwise good people make mistakes or become involved in situations that take a bad turn.  
From the more common criminal charges such as DUI and drug possession to homicide to the more complex “white collar” crimes such as embezzlement, mail fraud, and insider trading, our firm is ready to assist you in enforcing your constitutional rights and in presenting a vigorous defense from your first hearing through appeal, if necessary.

A successful criminal defense will depend a lot on the defendant, or the person who has been charged with the crime.  The attorney can only do so much.  A criminal defendant will need to be able and willing to provide leads and direction regarding potential witnesses or other evidence that may prove their innocence so they can be thoroughly investigated by our team.

Our attorneys will provide you with a straightforward analysis of your case, not pie in the sky promises.  Criminal charges are serious stuff, and we will prepare an aggressive and ethical defense, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring the prosecution satisfies its burden of proving guilt.  Not every case can be settled out of court and not every charge can be reduced, but our attorneys, with their good reputations and positive relationships with prosecutors in the area, will do our best to help you avoid incarceration and/or overly expensive fines.  We will also assist you in navigating the complicated web of local, state, and federal courts and procedures in defending yourself, including the common administrative hearings and procedures that parallel many criminal proceedings such as the license suspension/revocation proceedings that come along with DUI charges.