Commercial Law

Commercial Law is a broad category which encompasses many areas of law relating to the transaction of business.  Central among this broad category are the laws relating to sales, banking and lending, financing and secured transactions, consumer protection, and antitrust.  

The term commerce generally refers to the trading of economic value between two or more parties.  This includes trading between suppliers, producers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers.  A written contract is generally necessary to define the rights and duties of the parties, but oftentimes the parties enter into oral contracts.  Although some commercial contracts are very simple, such as a receipt, some are quite sophisticated. 

Problems can occur during the contract drafting stage, the execution stage, and the enforcement stage of any commercial arrangement or transaction.  The parties may have trouble agreeing on key terms.  Suppliers or producers may fail to meet their deadlines.  Borrowers may default on their loans.  Large businesses may use oppressive tactics against consumers.  When these problems occur, an aggrieved party must seek legal counsel who will aggressively and intelligently represent their interests.      

Larson Latham Huettl has a well-established commercial law practice and regardless of the issue that arises we can help.  Our expertise has proven beneficial for recently established businesses seeking to grow operations, as well as established businesses seeking to streamline their operations.   We can help structure and enforce financial arrangements.  We can also help if you are a business or consumer who has been victimized by improper business practices.  Whatever your commercial law matter may be, we can help.