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Bullet Point Larson, Gregory C

Bullet Point Latham, Steven L

Bullet Point Huettl, Damian J

Bullet Point Turner, Tyrone J

Bullet Point Haas, Dean J

Bullet Point Hays-Johnson, Denise C

Bullet Point Temanson, Paul A

Bullet Point Leibel, Steve L

Bullet Point Larson, Samuel G

Bullet Point Merkens, Paul J

Bullet Point Goetz, Carey A

Bullet Point Lindquist, Megan J

Bullet Point Fauske, Austin D


Of Counsel

Bullet Point Peterson, David L


Legal Staff

Bullet Point Defoe, Jen J

Bullet Point Horner-Flores, Marlene

Bullet Point Arbach, Rosanne M

Bullet Point Smith, Charlene B

Bullet Point Coleman, Robin R

Bullet Point Anderson, Lynette J

Bullet Point Krueger, Patricia R

Bullet Point Carver, Lydia

Bullet Point Boespflug, Lee D


Our Clients

Because of our duty to keep our clients’ identity and information confidential, we are unable to disclose specific names of our clients unless they allow us to do so.  However, we provide a wide range of legal services to a great number of clients, consisting of local farmers/ranchers, small businesses, larger corporations, banks, disabled persons, elderly, etc. 

Additionally we cover the following:

Criminal – DUI

Real estate

Tax matters

Labor & Employment

WSI (workers compensation)

Social Security Disability

LLH also provides lobbying including testifying in support of legislative bills

before the House and Senate of North Dakota. 

Contact us today for all of your legal needs.