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Bullet Point Larson, Gregory C

Bullet Point Latham, Steven L

Bullet Point Huettl, Damian J

Bullet Point Germolus, Paul C

Bullet Point Knoll, David M

Bullet Point Turner, Tyrone J

Bullet Point Haas, Dean J

Bullet Point Hays-Johnson, Denise C

Bullet Point Thompson Gordon, Robin

Bullet Point Temanson, Paul A

Bullet Point Leibel, Steve L

Bullet Point Larson, Samuel G

Bullet Point Merkens, Paul J

Bullet Point Goetz, Carey A

Bullet Point Lindquist, Megan J

Bullet Point Fauske, Austin D

Bullet Point Keefe, Ryan A

Bullet Point Gunderson, Paul J


Of Counsel

Bullet Point Peterson, David L


Legal Staff

Bullet Point Defoe, Jen J

Bullet Point Horner-Flores, Marlene

Bullet Point Arbach, Rosanne M

Bullet Point Smith, Charlene B

Bullet Point Coleman, Robin R

Bullet Point Anderson, Lynette J

Bullet Point Krueger, Patricia R

Bullet Point Carver, Lydia

Bullet Point Boespflug, Lee D



Of Counsel

Legal Staff

Paralegals & Accounting
  Jacober, Char
  Defoe, Jen J
  Anderson, Lynette J
  Johnson, Gayla

Legal Secretary
  Horner-Flores, Marlene
  Arbach, Rosanne M
  Smith, Charlene B
  Coleman, Robin R
  Carver, Lydia

Legal Records Supervisor
  Krueger, Pat


  Boespflug, Lee D